About – Atypical Man


We're here because we know how important it is for men to look and feel their best, and the way we dress and accessorize plays a big part in that. Because when we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, we perform at our very best. We’re two guys from Canada, with engineering and design backgrounds, that are passionate about fashion. We want to help take down the biggest barriers men face when it comes to enhancing our style with luxury accessories:

  1. Difficulty in pairing the right accessories to compliment our outfits. 
  2. High costs associated with luxury accessories.

Our vision was to design accessories that look good independently and as a set, and are premium quality all the way through. By bundling luxury accessories together and selling directly to you (no middleman), we can provide you with maximum value for your money. 

What Do You Get Out Of A Bundle?

✅Pick a matching accessory set or design your own from scratch.
✅Premium quality 316L stainless steel and vegan friendly microfiber leather.
✅Luxurious, minimalist designs that go well with your existing outfits.
✅Easily and affordably adds more variety to your everyday wear.

Headquartered in Canada, we are the first and only company ever to release a line of premium accessories anywhere near this price point that can also be conveniently bundled as a complete set. But don't take our word for it, just read through our reviews to see what our customers so far have to say about the brand.

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Using accessories correctly can drastically improve your looks and confidence in even the most basic outfits. Watch how our matching sets improve your style in everyday clothes.


Our Classic Bundles consist of a matching watch, necklace, and bracelet. For those with distinguished tastes, you can mix and match to build a bundle that compliments your unique style.